28 mar. de 2012

Lauren Bacall

27 mar. de 2012

Heidi Klum and Seal legacy of costumes

After their divorce, Heidi Klum and Seal leave us a legacy of super funny costumes. I saw this pictures while I was reading the online version of ELLE magazine, hope you like it and give you some ideas for next year Carnival or Halloween.

- Gloria -

that picture was taken at her 2004 party at Marquee (Halloween)

this one was in 2005 while celebrating Carnival in Heidi's native Germany

As the previous picture, this picture was taken in 2005 german Carnival 

Halloween 2005

Seal's eve 2006 while she was pregnant

as hindu goddess in 2008

they went as ravens to Klum's 10th annual bash

as robots in 2010

In 2011 during a Halloween party

24 mar. de 2012

Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski is a stylist from Canada, I discovered him while watching TV cause he appears in 'the Rachel Zoe project' where he worked as fashion assistant! He is known for his dapper way of dressing, often including bow ties and bright suits as you can see.
I show you some pictures of him, you´ll surely have already seen him, because he usually assists to lots of really cool parties!
We are really sorry because we haven't posted lately but hope to do it more often soon...

- Gloria -

Bunny phone cases

3 mar. de 2012

I love it!!!

Me encanta este collar de la nueva colección de Bimba y Lola!!! En realidad me gusta la colección entera, muy colorista y alegre!!
Feliz fin de semana.